WE HAVE A NEW WEBSITE!! Copy and Paste This Link! https://unruhassociates.squarespace.com

WE HAVE A NEW WEBSITE!! Copy and Paste This Link! https://unruhassociates.squarespace.com

WE HAVE A NEW WEBSITE!! Copy and Paste This Link! https://unruhassociates.squarespace.com

What We Do

Chapter meetings

At our meetings, we expose Associates to exclusive opportunities, whether it is information for events, meet & greets, or professional development opportunities.

Lunches with Leaders

We host lunches on week days each semester to give Associates a chance to meet face-to-face with prominent political professionals in a more informal setting at the Unruh Institute or the University Club.

Roundtable Discussions

Associates host intimate roundtable discussions each semester on topics ranging from the Supreme Court, to nuclear proliferation, to environmental policy to give Associates a chance to discuss the prominent issues of the day in a civically engaged setting.

Downtown Los Angeles Summit

Every semester, Associates head to Los Angeles City Hall to meet with public and private sector professionals. The trip includes a tour of City Hall, panels hosted in the Tom Bradley Room, and networking sessions. If you have a strong desire to work in politics, this is an excellent opportunity to learn more about career opportunities and make an impression with those working in politics today.

Internships through the Unruh Institute

By becoming a part of Unruh Associates you demonstrate your commitment to political advocacy, on campus and off. The Unruh Institute, our parent organization, recognizes this and invites you to apply for interships here.

Special Events, Competitions, and Programs

Unruh Associates leads a number of other student-run events and intiatives, from leading USC's efforts on National Voter Regisration Day to holding audience spots for Associates at CNN Town Halls. As the nature of politics and government is in a constant state of change, we always consider new ways of expanding our intiatives on campus.

Executive Board for 2020

Tommy Nguyen, President

Tommy Nguyen is a junior double majoring in History and International Relations. Tommy has been with Unruh Associates since his freshman year and is deeply humbled and honored to serve as the President of Unruh Associates for 2020. On campus, Tommy is also a Dornsife Ambassador, Warren Bennis Fellow, VIce President of the USC History Union, and a teacher for the Prison Education Project. Tommy is also Leonard D. Schaffer Fellow and is interning with Senator Holly J. Mitchell. Tommy is passionate about progressing higher education and society through education programs and policy making. After college, Tommy plans to attend law school and pursue a career in education, public service, or in the Intelligence Community.

Deven Patel, Vice President

Deven Patel is a junior from Irvine, CA, double majoring in Business Administration and Environmental Studies with a concentration in Public Policy. On campus, Deven is the president of Business Technology Group and an Ambassador for the USC Dornsife Office of Admission. He is a member of the Thematic Option Honors Program. Deven has interned with the City of Irvine under Councilwoman Melissa Fox, working specifically in the area of environmental policy for the city. In summer 2019, he worked as a campaign research intern for Melissa Fox for CA AD-68. Deven has been active with the Center for the Political Future since his freshman year. He has taken a Political Fellows course with Symone Sanders, Senior Adviser to Joe Biden 2020, and attended the Cerrell Political Leadership Summit.

Jillian Fallon, Director of Programming

Jillian Fallon is a sophomore studying Political Science and Public Relations with a minor in Spanish. She serves as the Programming Director of Unruh Associates and is the Executive Director of the Political Student Assembly. Her focus on politics at USC creates a platform that is open to discussion and provides everyone an opportunity to take part in making change. With so many positive political experiences on campus, she hopes to provide others with the same, and give them the resources they need to get educated on politics!

Chloe Hirth, Director of Publicity

Chloe Hirth is a junior majoring in Political Science and Communications on the Pre-Law track. She has been a member of Unruh Associates since her sophomore year and is greatly excited to serve as the Director of Publicity for 2020. On campus, Chloe is a member of the Corporate Law and Financial Regulation Association and Alpha Phi Sorority, serving on the executive boards of both organizations. She is also a member of Dornsife Ambassadors and SPEC Magazine. Chloe is currently interning at The Borgen Project and the State Controller’s Office. She plans to attend law school after graduating from USC.

Maggie Tewksbury, Administrator

Magena Tewksbury is a junior majoring in Political Science with minors in Psychology, and Law and Public Policy. Magena has been in Unruh Associates since her freshman year, and she is excited to act as the Administrator on the Executive Board. She is also Vice President of the USC Chamber Ballet Company, a member of the USC Helenes, and a student in the Thematic Option Honors Program. Magena has been involved in the Center for the Political Future since her freshman ear as well, and she attended the Cerrell Political Leadership Summit in Sacramento, CA in 2020. After graduating from USC, Magena plans to go to graduate school for Public Policy Analysis.

Hannah Fandacaro, Director of External Relations

Hannah Fondacaro is a rising junior majoring in Psychology, double minoring in Forensics & Criminality and Spanish. Hannah has been a member of Unruh Associates since her first semester at USC. Although she’s not pursuing a career in politics, she became passionate about politics after the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. On campus, Hannah works as a Research Assistant for the Child Interviewing Lab at the USC Gould School of Law. This summer, Hannah is interning for the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office, Hardcore Gang Division, and previously interned for the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in Manhattan. After graduating from USC, she plans to attend graduate school and pursue a dual JD-MSW degree.

National Voter Registration Drive


The Unruh Associates is proud to announce a new initiative for the Fall 2018 semester. Vote SC, created in conjunction with the USC Unruh Institute of Politics and the Undergraduate Student Government, is the largest effort to register students to vote in USC’s history. Centered on bringing voting into the 21st century and putting the power to register to vote directly in the hands of students, Vote SC has created an online platform ( VoteSC Turbovote ) that allows students to register online at their convenience and with ease. Vote SC seeks to connect with all students in USC’s diverse student body, and thus through our online voter platform have created the opportunity to engage with students who come from all different states as well as students who are already registered to vote.

Vote SC in itself is a coalition that seeks to bring together a variety of campus groups in order to face this challenge on our campus head-on. The idea for this coalition originated by looking at the abysmal rates of students on campus who vote, as well as the amounts of undergraduate students who are still not registered to vote. With this lofty goal in mind, Vote SC sought to bring together a variety of student groups in order to engage with every facet of the student population. The coalition has grown beyond its founders to include over 15 student groups, ranging from a variety of political organizations, cultural assemblies, and service organizations. Our ultimate goal is to make voting a seamless and essential part of every student’s time at USC, and to foster a campus culture that promotes civic engagement and breaks down barriers for students to get politically involved.

One way that we’re seeking to engage with our student body this semester is by hosting another edition of our biannual voter competition with our crosstown rivals, UCLA. The competition, last held in 2016, challenges both schools to register as many voters on their campus as possible. UCLA won the competition in 2016 by soundly beating USC, and so this year we are going to be tabling every Monday on Trousdale for our signature Midterm Mondays program, as well as launching a campus wide campaign for National Voter Registration Day on September 25th in the hopes of wrestling the title away from UCLA. Looking to get involved with Vote SC? We are always on the lookout for new organizations to partner with and student volunteers. Check out our Facebook page, Vote SC, for more information on upcoming events, and email us at votesc@turbovote.org for more information.

Check out the VoteSC Facebook page!


Applications will be live Fall 2020

What We’re Looking For

Unruh Associates is open to all undergraduate students of all majors currently pursuing degrees at USC. We’re interested in driven, student leaders who want to make a difference in the political arena. This interest may be demonstrated through academic work, attending and/or organizing political events, prior political volunteerism, political internships, and politically-related activities whether it be political punditry, issue advocacy, or translatable skills. An Unruh Associates is someone who is tolerant and open-minded, willing to learn about new topics and hear different viewpoints, and ready to jump into the conversation. We are looking for people who are engaged or looking to be engaged in the community, and are enthusiastic about Unruh Associates and its mission.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the application process?

(1) You must attend the Virtual Unruh Institute Open House. If you cannot attend this event, please reach out to our executive board at unruhassociates@gmail.com and we can accommodate your application.
(2) The written application opens on August 24, 2020 and is due September 4, 2020 at 11:59 PM.
(3) Applicants will be notifies of interview dates shortly thereafter.

Shortly after the interviews we will welcome our new members!

What if I’m a freshman or have recently become interested in politics?

We want you to apply, whatever your experience level in politics. Your application is welcomed as long as you’re interested in politics / civic engagement, want to learn more about what a career in politics looks like, or are passionate about connecting with other politically minded students.

Is Unruh Associates partisan? Do we subscribe to one party’s vision of the country?

Nope! We are a nonpartisan organization and invite students of all political persuasions to apply.

Do you have to be political science major to apply?

Nope! We want you to apply, whatever your major, school, or interest. We have members from many schools at USC, and our members have a wide variety of skills and interests.

What if I have a different question?

Great! Shoot us an email @ unruhassociates@gmail.com, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

We want you here! Joining Unruh Associates is your opportunity to connect with political professionals through on-campus events and off-campus summits and foster civic discourse through impactful student-run events and initiatives.

Get in touch

Feel free to reach out with any questions.